Panorama of Spit in Squamish

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Panorama is described as an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer. I find that is kind of priceless as I have been waking and looking out my by back window and left side and enjoy the unobstructed connection with nature as both windows are broken and non existent. The wind in the morning at the spit is unexplainable. I …


Lillooet Living

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I am only a few days into my workaway stay in Lillooet and its been a blast. If you are looking to disconnect from the challenges of the world we live in, or a little vacation, I suggest you check out and explore your dreams wherever or whatever they may be.  



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Have you tickled your ribs lately? I believe its important to laugh. I feel laughing should be an important part of our lives and if you ain’t tickling your ribs you could use a tickle. My father helped me with this one. I want to write in a rib-tickling style. Thanks Sheldoni. Levy, Big League Rib Tickler *Man do kids …



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Over the last month or so there has not been much that has got me angry and especially over the last few weeks. I have been extremely grateful for who I am. I question what I should refer to when I meet many people everyday and they ask me how I am doing. I have been working on being impeccable with …


As a part of #noPlace4Plastic contest I am asking questions about plastic

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If you support these questions, like my post on Facebook or instagram please On my way back to Vancouver today I was provided with some plastic cups from Air Canada. Like I mentioned earlier as a part of the #coralproject and #noplace4plastic contest I am participating in, I said I would be asking businesses about their plastic materials they provide to their customers over the …