Duffy Hike

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I want to climb mountains in my life. Mountains have this ability to shape us and give us a better perspective on life. They bring us to a place of relaxation, wonder, awe, reverie. A field of serenity. A space where we can tune out and tap in to what we value.  They have the ability to give us a …



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I took a stroll way back down the Squamish Valley to the Elaho river and came across some Fireweed colonizing the soil from old forest fires. Fireweed acts with resilience, embraces change and transitions its environment. @This Point  writes a very interesting article discussing the Resilience of Eco Systems, the similarities of fireweed in nature to human nature. From what starts with …


Barefoot Skaters Tour Europe Fundraising

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It warms me to see this campaign and the kids of Janwaar Castle take steps to continually grow their community.  A fundraising initiative that is giving kids in India a chance to explore the world and travel out of their small town to skateboard, experience, connect and absorb different cultures with other skateboarders. Step by step, each post, story, like, …


Squamish Yoga Festival

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*Sometimes things don’t go as planned and for certain reasons, this story is only coming to surface much later than when was written. Some things don’t always work out in the process but thats a whole part of the experience 🙂 Socrates says “not only does a community create its citizens but the citizens also form and develop their commUNITY.” …