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Transcending time, I watched this video awhile back and wanted to give it some time to watch it again. How do you perceive time? There is no better gift in life than time. Getting lost in life has effected my perception of time and brought me to realizations that have brought more alignment with time. The more we learn the …


Blessed Coast 2017

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I started my Blessed weekend in the valley camping out with friends at Levitt Lake.   It was such a blast this year to chill out with Megan and aid her with her booth. Im grateful to have Blessed Coast held right in our backyard. The festival is a great place for individuals to gather, connect and grow. I think everyone …



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What does radical mean to you?   Under the surface, in darkness lie our roots. The fundamental structure, the foundation of who we are. If we can connect with the power of our roots and nurture them I believe we can tune in and be our best self. Breathing into that inspiration that makes and takes you to a clearer …


Duffy Hike

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I want to climb mountains in my life. Mountains have this ability to shape us and give us a better perspective on life. They bring us to a place of relaxation, wonder, awe, reverie. A field of serenity. A space where we can tune out and tap in to what we value.  They have the ability to give us a …