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Have you tickled your ribs lately? I believe its important to laugh. I feel laughing should be an important part of our lives and if you ain’t tickling your ribs you could use a tickle. My father helped me with this one. I want to write in a rib-tickling style. Thanks Sheldoni. *Man do kids know how to have a …


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Over the last month or so there has not been much that has got me angry and especially over the last few weeks. I have been extremely grateful for who I am. I question what I should refer to when I meet many people everyday and they ask me how I am doing. I have been working on being impeccable with …


As a part of #noPlace4Plastic contest I am asking questions about plastic

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If you support these questions, like my post on Facebook or instagram please On my way back to Vancouver today I was provided with some plastic cups from Air Canada. Like I mentioned earlier as a part of the #coralproject and #noplace4plastic contest I am participating in, I said I would be asking businesses about their plastic materials they provide to their customers over the …


Mt Rinjani #CoralTriangle /NoPlace4Plastic

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I’m telling this story because I want to share and bring awareness to : #NoPlace4Plastic #CoralTriangle #Lombok #MtRinjani #Indonesia #Travel #RespectEnvironment #ecotravel #AskQuestions #water #ocean #conservation #nature #lakes #wellwater #filteredwater #worktogether —- I travelled to Indonesia a few years ago and hiked up Mt Rinjani. It was a 3 day hike and was truely one of the best experiences of …


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What do you value? Lots has changed in my life and I see things differently in the last month. I value time, and am learning about letting things go.  I have been in BC for over 16 years and have never held a garage sale.  I see more value in making people happy and inspiring others than what money id …