I have finally spent some time to get underexposedagency.com updated. My video production company showcases a small sample of some of my video work I have produced over the last decade. I started underexposed agency Ltd. in 2007, right around the time I was wrapping up working with Snowboard.com. Right after they were blowing up, trying to be the next Myspace, before Facebook was even around. Well Snowboard.com “colonies” rocket ship strategy didn’t end up working. I soon found an opportunity to collaborate with Matt Houghton who was leaving SBC Media after running various magazine titles for a significant time. I ended up diving back into working with another large web portal: Push.ca which was owned and operated by Bell. After lengthly negotiations I secured a solid agreement to produce an annual calendar of videos so I promptly needed to setup a video production agency, so I started underexposed agency Ltd.