What do you value? Lots has changed in my life and I see things differently in the last month. I value time, and am learning about letting things go.  I have been in BC for over 16 years and have never held a garage sale.  I see more value in making people happy and inspiring others than what money id get for that item in my pocket. I am finding ways to get the results that mean more to me than the financial gain. I am working towards the life I want to live and am learning and feeling more than I have in a large portion in the last few weeks compared to my whole existence. I am seeing, feeling the results of my decisions. I hope that my actions plant seeds inside of all the people I share with and that we work together towards the future we dream of. Act today for what you want tomorrow. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me, to everyone I have shared with lately. You know who you are.

This is Nicole from the re use it centre in Squamish.

She made this flower ornament.