A Rainbow is defined by many things, I like to look at things from a different perspective. My Rainbow Hike experience refers to my perspective which supports all definitions of the rainbow on dictionary.com *Primarly #5  & #7.* I dont want to assume but feel there should be rainbow trout at Rainbow Lake eh?

A few days ago I woke up in my camper, in a place, a space, near rainbow lake, that road that loops around town. Its like my life, I dont understand it all but I feel it. Wanderlust has been taking place in town, I feel there were lots of interesting workshops, and yoga classes, that could aid me, but in reality I feel what I am seeking is inside myself.

Upon opening by exterior door this morning, I connected with a large group or individuals from India. Approximately 19 very Maagilzhi (=Happy in Tamil(z)  {Indian language}) people. From my understanding the group is all connected through their connection to nature and their appreciation for hiking. They primary reside around the surrounding Vancouver area.

I initially connected with Jag,=The God of Destruction. I thought the God of destruction refers to destroying the world but am learning to not assume. Through communication with the group I learnt it is actually the opposite. I was so intrigued to hang out with the group as I have felt drawn to my connection to India since my awakening (primarly to #4 of dictionary.com). I ended up taking some group photos, they said Magilchi /Magilzhi/  as I snapped a photo of them. It means happiness but it is a word that has numerous meanings like many words in all of our languages Ex: They used it as a form of Cheers. It can be difficult translating and decoding old languages but feel the importance of old traditions and think we should respect them.

I continued to connect and ask the kind group different questions about India as I have plans to travel there around early October. The group had their intentions and were about ready to commence the 8 km ascend to Rainbow Lake. I quickly had to get my act together as I did not want to keep them waiting so I rushed out without thinking too much about what I was getting into.

I didn’t have my shoes on yet, and have been working on deprogramming and reprogramming my sub conscious and desensitizing my feet for numerous reasons. One of the inspirations for my thoughts and feelings spawned from the skateboarders of The Janwaar Castle. I believe we can learn so much good from their organization and their Principles and wish that we will. Please feel inclined to check out their website and support them. I believe they are the Essence of India. The Janwaar Castle is India’s largest and first rural skatepark and is led by Ulrike Reinhard who is rallying up her troops for the upcoming Olympics. The purpose of the Janwaar Castle is to uplift the lives of the villagers in Janwaar, especially those of the Janwaar children but believe she is doing so much more for India as a nation and will and can do so much more for the world.


Jag and I bonded on our hike up the mountain, In one of our discussions about life Jag (God of Destruction = Does not destroy world) was telling me about what Steve Jobs said in one of his speeches :

Happiness drives to success, but it doesn’t always mean that happiness will give you success but at least you are happy.

So as I started walking up the Rainbow Lake trail as I was putting my thoughts together and realizing I was signing up for a 8 km hike if I decided to complete it. I recall the last time I did it approximately 8 years ago I did it wearing running shoes and had some serious sore feet for significant time after. But I felt it was meant to be so I decided to opt out on returning for sandals or shoes. I used to think the porters who aided me climb Mt Rinjani were crazy because they did the hike barefoot or in sandals. There are numerous reasons I have been walking or skateboarding without my shoes lately. I feel and think I was doing it to desensitize my feet so I can skateboard with bare feet and keep up with the kids of the Janwaar Castle, ground myself, balance my chakras but it was great to learn from Jag (maybe he is called the The God Destruction to make us consider looking at the world from a different perspective) about how it also allows me to absorb energy from the earth.

The walk up with Jag was really informative, I love sharing and am truly grateful (toda rabah- Means “grateful” in ancient times and “thank you”. Im learning about names and words and how they change over time). I developed a better understanding for the structure of India and have a better perspective of India and am grateful to acquire more intelligence that will support my upcoming research paper.

It took awhile to climb up to Rainbow lake, I have been working on respecting my body and eating as healthy as I can. I have been learning about the importance of and the benefits of a balanced diet. Jag let me know and shared about the benefits of fasting. I was thinking about fasting lately as it came across my radar. He suggested and shared it is beneficial to cleanse our systems one morning a week by fasting breakfast. It turns out Id be doing that as I didn’t bring anything to eat for the trek and figure it would take a couple hrs to ascend. It was beautiful to reach the top and connect with the whole group and share an ambrosial meal that they were open to share. Fruits, nuts, roti wraps, samosos and cookies.

After enjoying some time with the group I felt it was my time to descend and left the group, upon my decline I met Rakesh and another gentleman who were still working on ascending. Rakesh means the Lord of Moon, He is an aspect of the God of destruction. He was struggling a bit to get to the top and was almost there, he was doing his best.

We spoke about Jag and how God of Destruction and how we as humans think too much, what God of Destruction means and has to do with Destroying our identity and about dogs, and how happy they are. Like my boy Buzz, isn’t he amazing how his smile can brighten up your day? He said “The best way to live is to live like dogs”.

So I left the two slower hikers, Rakesh and ??? ( I’m sorry I was not able to ingrain the other gentlemen’s name into my sub conscious)  and continued to descend. I was really enjoying my experience for the first part, but eventually got to a point where I started reviewing my day and think and started to struggle more with my descend barefoot. I really had little trouble climbing as I was engaged with the present and beauty of nature and my conversation with Jag.

Some people may think I am crazy to hike up and down Rainbow barefoot but I actually learnt it was also great for my nervous system. Through hiking up on barefoot on rocks I stimulated my entire nervous system based on the techniques of reflexology. Reflexology studies start and  focus on the feet, I think all microcosms lie in our feet. From current days practices to reflexology in ancient times. I am interested  and believe in benefits of reflexology. There are  benefits of just getting outside and walking barefoot on a bunch of rocks. Either way, it is one of the systems out there can positively stimulate our systems.

You know the saying Mind over matter, it works, but why don’t we bother saying Mind and Heart over matter? Wouldn’t that be more powerful,  I feel its connected to allowing us to relax and enable our systems to operate in a state of homeostasis  so our mind body and spirit can work in harmony.


Toda rabah to: Kimmy Styles, Ange Wellman, Rebecca Lyn Perras, Ulrike Reinhard, Janwaar Castle, Jag and the members of the hiking group and so many other amazing individuals who have shared some time with me.