Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to rove or travel. I commuted into Whistler from Squamish but was feeling pretty relaxed and part of me just wanted to chill out and frolic in the vibe instead of racing around for knowledge and answers.

Over the festival I soaked up most my time at the Conference centre where I met and spoke with various businesses who shared their intelligence with me about their organization and products.

I checked out Seed Yoga’s booth and was so drawn to the style, never mind their motto. Seed Yoga is taking a sustainable approach to making quality bamboo and hemp clothing hand made in Canada.

Its not all about price, and am grateful for their approach to push and progress the world in a direction that puts more of an importance on our actions and quality rather than the pursuit of cheap product. What does money matter if we don’t have a place to enjoy it?  Long term thinking can costs more in short term, but pays off.

“The Healthiest Clothing on the planet”

Why am I reviewing various companies on my site? I am, because I believe in these brands and want to raise more awareness to them as I feel their significance.

Bambuddha makes eco friendly bamboo sunglasses. They are a mindful business that incorporates the teachings of Buddha. They strive to live life with intention and their focuses lie on making a difference in the world.

Om Botanical is ran and operated by Sudhir, a very  resolute and wise man who wanted to create a skin care brand that is actually chemical free. Sudhir was frustrated with the options and claims of organic/natural skin care available and decided to take actions into his own hands. With the inspiration of his mother and Ghandi. 

-“You must be the change you want to see in the world”.

He opted to incorporate Ayurveda and tapped into the power of nature while eliminating the dangers of harmful chemicals to create a diverse product skin care line. As a man I feel we often underestimate the advantages of using creams as they can do so much for our mind, body and spirit even if we dont have any skin rashes.

For more info on Om Botanical and their values : Empowerment, Stewardship and Leadership I recommend you check out their about page.

Guru’s Natural Rubber Sandals was founded by two friends whose families own and operate rubber farms in India.

“Don’t Forget your roots”

With a focus on their roots I believe in their values and have been grateful to be learning and discovering more about who I am as it can be easy to be personally influenced in society by so many factors. I am starting to gain an appreciation for our history and think that its unfortunate that we seem to neglect it as their are so many optimal resources and solutions that lie in our past that get suppressed or undermined by the current trends and what we see as day to day priorities. I read something about and feel: “if only scientists would focus their efforts on researching ancient traditions rather than projects that lead to consumerism and the destruction of our planet?”

But Im grateful that there are great companies like Guru raising awareness about the things that matter. Their sandal is inspired by old traditions, based on the 5,000 year old Indian sandal that was actually worn by Mahatma Gandhi. Functional, natural and sustainable, check out their site for more info on their practices.

I didn’t attend any yoga classes or workshops over the festival for a change but enjoyed the various booths and individuals I connected with at the conference centre.

I believe the world is at our fingertips, (literally knowledge via google, our destiny written in our hands, our health can be read via our hands, or through the people we choose to connect with.) Wander is defined: to ramble without a definite purpose or objective;roam, rove, or stray. Lust : strong sexual desire.  I believe we have a purpose on this planet and do not chose to wander/move in an aimless fashion with a strong desire but can relate that in order to find ourselves and our purpose in life we may need to wander aimlessly in the process.