NAL TARANG by “Baba” Ustad Alauddin Khan.
I love how humans interpret matter and are capable of looking at objects from a different perspective. Individuals who listen are some of the best learners. “ #Baba ” had this amazing ability to play and create so many various instruments and his love for music was apparent. Legend has it he was out with King of Maihar: Brijnath Singh one day and some rifles fell down some stairs and he listened to the sounds they made and felt he could make an instrument out of the rifles. Combined with his creativity, love and persistence he cut and was able to tune the rifles to create one of a kind instrument: Nal tarang (inspired by jal tarang). His approach to life, his actions and modesty was a part of shaping #India and the #music world. “Baba” Ustad Alauddin Khan, a musical marksmen of love shooting notes of harmonic joy.

Day 1 of Disappearing Dialogues Residency at Art Ichol