The Big Picture?

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I’ve been meaning to share my two cents about Whistler Blackcomb’s “The Big Picture” video series for some time and guess with World Water Day Im glad I found the nudge I was looking for to share my thoughts.

I would like to share an appreciation for Whistler Blackcomb’s initiative and a great job from Switchback Entertainment but hope WB will actually start to evaluate considerable changes and take actions rather than focusing on the marketing aspect (or actually focus their marketing plan depending on how you look that things). “The Big Picture” explores a look at our THIRST for adventure and how its threatening our environment”. Whistler Blackcomb asks “what steps can we take to ensure the same opportunities are there for the next generation”

Arthur Dejong mentions looking in mirror to look at their operations. I feel that sometimes we may not consider or be aware of the actions that we take and their potential effects. We are so influenced by society and our surrounding environment plays a strong role on our perception of this world. I feel especially as adults we often assume so much in life and lack awareness of our actions. I want to live in a world where we are not constrained to working with large greedy corporations. WB and Nestle hold a corporate partnership and who knows what is involved in detail but cant help and wonder what is the price Nestle pays to advertise/manipulate us?  Marie-France Roy asks “Whats economy even worth if we dont have water?”.

The trailer says people admire good decision making. On the partnerships page on Whistler Blackcomb’s site Nestle tagline says:

“Good Food Good life”, an organization that claims : “to strive to be the most trusted and respected nutrition, health and wellness company in Canada, helping Canadians live healthier and happier lives”.

Do we want one of the largest food companies primarily selling junk food to be one of the most nutritional/health wellness companies in our country? When I check out the definition of junk food I feel it describes a lot of Nestle’s products and sounds like the opposite of Nestle’s tagline. This all from a company with market value of US$239.6 billion ( do you even know how many millions that is?). An organization who persuaded the World Water Council to change its statement to reduce access to drinking water from a “right” to a “need.” Nestlé chairman and former CEO stated that “access to water should not be a public right.” I dont want to discuss all the injustice practices Nestle operates under but hope this post may plant a seed and expand our perception of Nestle’s actions in the food and water market.

I hope some people see how amazing it is how we are approaching a period where an organization holds so much power in a market they are considerably holding a monopoly over. We live in a time where its challenging to shop at a corner store and find an option that doesn’t support an organization that does not hold respectful values to our environment and equality. That $2 chocolate bar you buy supports and empowers an organization that swindles one of our strongest natural resources: WATER.  Do you think if we continued on this path could our freedom be compromised? (Did you hear about Kraft’s 143 Billion bid to buy out Unilever? or want to learn more about The big 10). I think food and health is somewhat important, Im an easy going guy but do feel we should consider looking at things from a different perspective so we don’t have one corporation controlling the larger % of food/water in our country.

“What matters is the countless small deeds of unknown people who lay the basis for the significant events that enter history. They are the ones who have done it in the past, they are the ones who will have to do it in the future” -Howard Zin

I feel the importance and consideration about the long term future, Like what Marie says: “what we do locally and individually inspires so exponentially around you”. Our actions are contagious. Whistler Blackcomb is a leader in the industry, we have recently seen organizations like Patagonia implementing sensible practices and compassionate actions that are being praised for their efforts. I believe in conscious capitalism and hope Whistler Blackcomb realizes how their partnerships play a pivotal role in our community and hope that WB re-considers the p̶r̶i̶c̶e̶  “big picture” of their partnership with Nestle and that individuals realize the power we hold as consumers. We have the ability to move in a sustainable direction but a key factor is the consideration of who we decide to empower everyday starting today. From my perspective I feel a partnership with Nestle is not align with all the values and considerations of the Big Picture and the issues Arthur and Marie are concerned for. I believe we all act hypocritically sometimes but hope we can become more aware of our hypocrisies and act in moral fashion and more align with ethical principles.

Whistler Blackcomb, will you evaluate your corporate partnerships in accordance with the Big Picture?  Or does the big dollar amount $$$ Trump and take precedence over The Big Picture?