Meeting with Whistler Blackcomb about the Big Picture & their partnership with Nestle

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I didn’t get much response from my “Big Picture?” post when I tagged Whistler Blackcomb so I followed up and forwarded my article to the Manager of Strategic Alliances who forwarded it to the Communication Supervisor who sent me an email about sitting down to discuss my concerns. We caught up earlier this week and it was refreshing to hear how receptive and understanding Whislter Blackcomb was to my concerns.
Below is my follow up email I just sent him: (*with minor details adjusted)


Thank you for taking the time to hear me out and starting to work to evaluate The Bigger Picture with consideration to the partnership WB holds with Nestle.  I look forward to hearing back from you and or the sustainability department sooner than later. You mentioned they meet once a month and were unaware of when their last meeting was, but will be forwarding my original article and a summarization of our discussion yesterday to a Whistler Blackcomb Sustainability board of directors for them to review. Hopefully they just didn’t have a meeting. I really appreciate how receptive Whistler Blackcomb is to my concerns and how you express Whistler Blackcomb wants to change and is keen on sustainability and will be looking into their partnerships and evaluating them with accordance to the Bigger Picture and looking and or working to take other steps such as eliminating plastic water bottles.


Ultimately, and after our discussion I feel its clear and evident with consideration to the “big picture” there is a solution that can be easily attained through some collaboration and some research. I understand it may not feel easy and be that easy because it lie a low priority on WB’s list of tasks. But feel with focus on fixing this issue and a good attitude it can be attained with some persistence and would be financially and sustainably viable. What you may see as a partnership, I see as a problem in the direction a key leader is taking. You expressed it yourself, Whistler Blackcomb sees the benefits of being a leader.
Your organization has the ability to make a world of a difference. (Doesn’t WB have a tagline abut being leaders?)  Breaking the habits and patterns of the past and adapting with consideration to the Big Picture may seem like a massive task, but feel can come with significant rewards and dont think is a daunting task with the right attitude. The operations of businesses and education systems are based on methods of the past and should be re evaluated so we can evolve in a sustainable direction. 

It was great for us to discuss an alternative healthier “chocolate bar” solution to Nestle’s products. Has the food and beverage even considered sourcing an alternative chocolate bar? You can get a “avalanche cocoa ball” for under $2 in town) Im sure a company would literally be worth creating to serve your needs, heck, one company could take on management and work with various local companies if volume was an issue as you expressed that could be a concern. Your partnership with Nestle lies deep with upwards of up to a decade ingrained into your system. Just like Nestle has tapped into the functionality of the brains of so many individuals globally and made a habit of eating “junk food” those actions support an organization that is not genuinely supportive of sustainability.

It was nice to discuss the concerns about WB potential clients as there are various types. From our quick evaluation, we looked at three major types 1- The ones who are sustainably conscious and or like to eat healthy and who would be happy to hear about the change WB is evaluating and thus would be more supportive to WB and feel empowered from such a shift. 2- the people that eat junk food and or may not care about the environment and long term who may take a different approach and will see the light in WB’s shift to a more sustainable healthier “sweet treat” thus leading and changing the mind of individuals to eat actually healthier and acting intelligent about sustainability. Also empowering local businesses and not supporting global large corporations that hold excessive power. Empower over Power!  3- The customers (Al Pacino’s) that will be upset cause they dont have a nestle bar.  From my understanding WB primary concern was the potential dissatisfaction of your customers and secondary was its financial loss?

From my side I feel there are ways to manage the satisfaction of the clients and work though that shift we are exploring. Or really think you can evaluate who the clients are and feel the voice of the local (and visiting) people matter who care for our environment. Really, how many people do you think will be genuinely upset for an extended period of time? We are very adaptable as a species. I guess the people that have been recently manipulated by subliminal messages around the mountain will be craving them.  The sugars in chocolate bars are just as bad for our brains as smoking, alcohol and cocaine in one way, they produce the same brain chemicals. But If you immediately got rid of the advertisements that would be a start in the right direction so WB is not continuing to empower such an organization that stands against its own values. I think it will take some time for the people to shift that pattern in their brain but after a period they will adapt and come back to being a human instead of : “Al Pacino”.


How big is this market was a question you said would need to be evaluated.How will the customers react? I believe there are solutions to this issue, The company that makes the “Sweet treat “ could make an Al Pacino bar and campaign that manipulates our minds to feel the replacement. I feel we are “brain washed” every day in society, advertisements, peoples words, our friends, what we do. 

We may as well brain wash our lives with things that are good for us?

Words and actions are contagious. Words are powerful, but actions is what creates change.

It was refreshing to sit down with your organization and believe you will conintue to take action to stand behind your values and adapt and change your partnerships to be in accordance with your values.

Lets change, you expressed the challenges of making changes in an operation such as an organization as WB, and how not only has Nestle been a long term partnership with WB, it has permeated itself into the operations of the Food and Beverage department. You spoke about making test projects to analyze the viability of such new ideas as we quickly came up with what we felt could be a logical solution over our brief ~45 min meeting. Imagine if your organizations and other organizations actually worked on this issue consistently/collaboratively over time on a regular basis? I believe in small actions repeated over time,  “The Little Things”, like The “Big Picture” speaks about works.


I feel its time for a drastic change and think you know its time for a shift from WB’s end. There are solutions, I think it just comes down to where does Whistler Blackcomb want to invest their time? Just like anyone who may decided to bother reading this or not. Whistler Blackcomb has the ability to empower so many individuals who can make a major shift in this planet and drastically empower more individuals. You hold power, do you want to empower for good for the planet or do you want to hold power for profit? Conscious capitalism works, just like Marsall Rosenberg’s NVC practices there is no reason to compromise with effective communication. (WB can be be sustainable and profitable) Look at Patagonia and the examples we briefly discussed with Black Friday and their actions about the outdoor retail trade show. We should stand up for what we believe in! Lets work together. We have to evolve in this world if we want to live in a sustainable happy planet, we should start the change today for our generation and for the future so they will not be ill-fated. We can’t continue to say tomorrow, because if we continue to say tomorrow, tomorrow never happens. 


We spoke about test pilots and making changes and really want to thank you again for your time and receptiveness and ability to come to the table so open minded and start discussing solutions. The summer time you said is a great time to implement smaller projects to evaluate the viability of such a local healthier more sustainable sweet treat. We spoke about the bike park and how it could be a great place and time to test such a project. We briefly bumped into an old friend of mine in Business Development Department you work closely with and I asked you to speak to her about exploring and discussing our ideas. I would love to hear from her and see what her thoughts are on our communication. Local sweet treat makers, does this sound interesting? Pitch in and help our environment. Look at the Big Picture, Its not about a candy bar, its about health, our waters and the commercial systems that hold power over our planet earth. 
I see so mush “push” in todays society, we are bombarded by messages from the outside and easily step away from who we genuinely are or want to be. Use the Afflatus (inspiration from within). Inside out, instead of outside in. Look within and radiate what you want to stand for. I hope Whistler Blackcomb will stand behind their current values and continue to receive environmental awards for being a leader and making changes such as we spoke about. Just like all the Key Results and areas WB mentions and strives for


Thanks for your time, the best gift in life.