May is a month for change

May is a month of change, a time for paradigm shifts. May the “verb”: expressing possibility. It is also defined as a choice to act or not.

Look around, there is something amazing that grows from the darkness in so many ways.

It’s the beautiful lotus flower than emerges from the muck and stands tall, its the moss that grows in the shade on most north sides of trees. The lotus flower that uses selenotropism and blooms in the darkness of the night. The rainbows that come following thunder and dark storms. The beauty of a sunrise cracking that darkness. A time where glaciers melt and rivers flow. A time for nature and humanity to spring back into a new form and flourish.

This spring looks like it has sprung hard. If its from the depth of this past amazing winter, im not sure but I have an appreciation for its magnificence as I feel so much is blooming. I am seeing and been shown different species come to life that usually don’t. Does it have something to do with the magnitude of scales between seasons? The paradigm of shifts that have the ability to build resilience. Has this winter instilled “Sisu” into nature?

May you speak up for what you believe in if you choose to do so? Nature does not need to think or ask questions, it acts within its nature.

“Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished” -Lao Tzu

But humans are the most advanced species in the world and we have the ability to evolve in so many different ways. You hold the power to be formless and grow in the direction you choose for yourself.


*Sisu and meaning of other amazing words can be found

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