Barefoot Skaters Tour Europe Fundraising

It warms me to see this campaign and the kids of Janwaar Castle take steps to continually grow their community.  A fundraising initiative that is giving kids in India a chance to explore the world and travel out of their small town to skateboard, experience, connect and absorb different cultures with other skateboarders.

Step by step, each post, story, like, share, each project and financial contribution that is made aids create change for the kids and community of Satna India.

Something I am curious about is #’s, the little things and time. I feel time is the best gift in life. Money cannot buy time. I believe the little things add up over time and it is amazing to see so much awareness around the Janwaar Castle. They have 82 shares to date on this campaign, but find it intriguing that they only have raised $165 for their recent campaign. I am actually the smallest contributor out of 10 at the moment and only contributed $5. Some contributors gave $50, $20 and even a larger contribution. If for every share, each person shared donated $2 they would be at the same amount not including any of the current contributors.

Have you ever heard the question? What would you rather have? 1 million dollars right now, or a penny that gets doubled each day for 31 days?  Wonder what the penny turns out to on day 31?


I would bet that for all the people that shared they may not feel the power of a small contribution, Strength in numbers can go a long way. Don’t just spread the word and talk, walk your talk. A small contribution, that amount of change you pick up or find on the ground today can go a long way.


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