What does radical mean to you?


Under the surface, in darkness lie our roots. The fundamental structure, the foundation of who we are. If we can connect with the power of our roots and nurture them I believe we can tune in and be our best self. Breathing into that inspiration that makes and takes you to a clearer vision. Pushing away the weight of society, going inward, growing to shine bright. The ability to tap out and tune into our purpose, our passions, our heart speaks the truth that has the ability to create profound waves of change. To go to the origin, the simple state of what our souls call and sharing it with the world. A state where creations are longing to take shape . A state where projects flow autonomically, not just from habits created but from a place of origin, our birthright.

Conceiving radical waves that make the world smile and cry, paradigm shifts  or small changes that add up over time.

These radical (#6: “existing inherently in a thing or person”) abilities already lie within us. It’s in our nature and capacity to build a deeper connection with our roots. Often there is lots of noise, distractions, challenges and darkness in life that does not support a rooted connection we already have.

The one with ourself.

To be the best for others, we need to be our best self and feel getting radical is a great path to do so.

Radical is defined by: “of or going to the root or origin; fundamental” ? What is your definition of Radical?

Thank you STORY HIVE for the opportunity.

Im honoured and grateful to continue my practice of getting radical and look forward to working with Brian and a bunch of Radicals, connecting and creating waves of radicalness.

Lets rise together: VIBRATE x CREATE x RESONATE!

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