Blessed Coast 2017

I started my Blessed weekend in the valley camping out with friends at Levitt Lake.


It was such a blast this year to chill out with Megan and aid her with her booth. Im grateful to have Blessed Coast held right in our backyard. The festival is a great place for individuals to gather, connect and grow. I think everyone has a different perspective on what really goes on over “festivals” and we attend or opt out for different reasons. Deus  (a soft spoken powerful spoken word artist) said something along the lines of combining music and arts, bridging a gap with incorporation of therapy. I have switched gears in my life significantly and have been woking in the wellness sector over the last 6 months and could not agree more that many festivals aren’t just a place to get high on drugs but more of a place and opportunity to get high on life. A place to tune into your creative inspiration, your aflflatus. Lots of people take drugs to tune out, and heck that may eventually lead them to tuning in to what matters. But I think there were lots of individuals coming together and tuning in to that spark that lights the fire in our root. That energy that kept young teens dancing way later than I felt like staying up.


Some highlights for me included listening to female beat boxer, (Green?), listening to a bunch of great music from artists I dont know, Deus spoken word pieces, connecting and conversing with peeps, river dips, lounging with Buzz,  and pushing my body to stay up until 8am one n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ morning.


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