Roots with StoryHive/Telus

Last Sunday Brian and I went to the Telus office to get the lowdown on the 100K Telus Story Hive program we are participating in.  Our project will go beyond the depths of our original write up as we are still in midst of focusing and bringing it to the surface. Above what is officially mentioned, in brief we will be digging into the roots (*meaning of radical) and will not only share the radicals shredding, showcase the organizations they are supporting, but will share their connection to their heart  (specifically to #3,4,5, & 6 and who knows how many other definitions and beyond #45, *would you believe, heart is a synonym of root?) to rise up to the characters they are. We will meld action, trips, share info on their journeys mixed with interviews with the radicals and other inspiring individuals.

Story Hive 100K program is a career accelerator program geared towards individuals like Brian and I, guys who have been in the market for awhile but have clashed to take our play to the big screen.  It’s an honour to be a part of the first 100K program. As much as funds are great, Im speaking about being 1 of the 25 selected projects out of all the other great concepts, being along side other production crews that are producing meaningful content and having support to tell a story we are passionate about. It was nice to hear of some of the other crews concepts  that relate to “roots”. Stories that will tell of past Canadian landmarks that are now abandoned, to Nazi POW camps in Medicine Hat Alberta, and various aboriginal themed projects and projects based around creating change . Im speaking of Disappearing Dialogues, things that are not comfortably discussed as they lie so deep in roots of the past. Issues that may be suppressed or not on the surface of the common dialogue in todays society that may be the latest cool topic or may not be comfortable to discuss.

Over the event we combed over legal details, heard some words from Mark Montefiore, producer of Letterkenny and Bad Blood, met our mentor from NSI and mingled.

By the time we were ready to roll out I ended up noticing this interesting poem and image of a tree upside-down. I love how looking at things from a different perspective can allow us to see life differently. Once we get to the roots we can rise with beauty. Is it in our nature to come into syncronicity?


More about the poem’s roots and the 12th grader who wrote it.

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