How does retirement sound like to you? You been thinking about it?

I rolled in my Royal Bank Canada today, the bank I have been wanting to leave for some time to go to Vancity. A credit union who supports their local communities. I was captivated by the word “retire” in some tagline that said something about wanting to retire. It’s the IRE letters that caught my attention as I have been exploring words with the letters ire lately.

Immediately it tuned into my desire, the fire, for what I aspire and want to hard-wire in my life.

Why do people want to retire in this world? Why do we work most of our lives to eventually hopefully retire when we are old?

What is retirement to you?

When I take a better look into the word I find:

re: back , being behind, in a backward direction,” To be on the back burner, turn

tire: roots reveal: to fail, to come to an end, to be physically exhausted. Withdraw to a place of safety/ seclusion. Secludere from Latin is to shut off.  I have met different people who have sunk into depression and addictions after retirement from a lack of activity.

ment : ~ mēn=mean, *purpose is a synonym of mean

Could work be what moves and puts us forward in life? Are you tired of working a job you don’t appreciatte?  Why does some of our society dread working? I do not want to retire, I want to feel good living, working doing what I love. There are lots quotes about “Life being the journey, not the destination” -Ralph Emerson. I feel it can be easy to be manipulated, and not feel like we have the power but believe that if we were to sit and practice patience and develop persistence we could enjoy the journey.  My primary focus and perception of work is not to make money. I understand I live in a world where I need money and strive for abundance. It just puzzles me how we have reached a point where we are solely trying to make money and may not even have a reason of what we actually want to create or spend it on rather than investing all our energy in just trying to get out of a hole.

Could you fathom a concept where the word was actually more focused on working in a way where we could live the life we want. Instead of focusing on that debt, so we could be free, imagine moving towards living a life that supports what you actually want. Fulfilling the purposes we believe in rather than supporting a system that is against the hope you desire. When looking up “work” in dictionaries, depending on which dictionary you use you can see some dictionaries may prioritize income and some may prioritize purpose. On the surface the primary definitions are “activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose” or “a mental or physical activity as a means of earning income; employment”. I believe the choice is yours to choose how you see the world, but depending on how you see the world it has an effect on what is to follow.

I like roots, and digging…


Old English wyrcan  perform, make, construct, produce, strive after,

c. 1600 “excite”

exert creative power, be a creator.””manipulate (physical substances) into a desired state or form, have the expected or desired effect

c. 1200; meaning “artistic labor”

*Would you rather captivate or manipulate?

From root werg

other words that share same root :

energy, ergonomics, lethargy, organ, organic, orgy, surgery, synergy

I ain’t saying it is easy and ain’t suffering, but believe we all have the ability to re-shape ourself and our environment.

The origin of the word passion is “suffering” and so is “patience”. Would you rather suffer spending your time working /doing something you don’t enjoy trying to get ahead supporting a system you don’t believe in, or would you rather choose to embrace suffering and work towards doing something you have a passion for? If we can turn our heads and suppress the challenges we have in life in a sustainable fashion ( *more on sustainability another time) or see to practice embracing our challenges could we find joy in our struggles? Either way, I don’t feel we can stop growth, time moves forward,  I just feel depending on our motives we can have the ability to adjust at what pace we move forward.

There is nothing wrong with sustaining your position in life. But in growth we can loose part of oneself and evolve.

Can we see the world in a way where we embrace the dark? When we look at the roots of the word mortgage, it trasnaltes as a pledge to death. Mort is death in french and in Latin: mori = harm, to die, ie Morgue, Mortuary. Gage is a pledge, from wage. Meaning “to carry on, engage in” of war. “to offer as a gage of battle, agree to engage in combat” (mid-14c.).

(13c.), mort gaige


a wager, salary paid to a provider of service, pledge, agreement, covenant,” allotments of money paid at regular intervals for continuous or repeated service. wages were payment for manual or mechanical labor, wages of a domestic, “pay” words distinguished by class.

On one side I feel we are in a war, but I do not believe in fighting anyone but for fighting for myself and others.

Personally I feel as I dig into the roots of a wage it does not support long term growth, to get outside of the boxed system can be a challenge.  But I believe in sur-round-ing myself with support, creativity and having an open viewpoint as I focus my beliefs about working for myself with others I see it as a better solution in life.  Because usually working for other organizations, it’s likely only a matter of time before its not in our best interest to leave them or until they opt to dismiss you.

But how can it work? I value passion and suffering (choose your attitude its the same thing at its core). Passive income is a practice I have been exploring and feel makes sense. Especially as we look into its roots as it also means “Suffer”.

Disclaimer,. -Some people don’t mind working a job they are not personally passionate about and grinding hard (suffering) so when they are off they can really en-JOY their time off.  I just feel that through persistence we can enjoy the journey instead of selected periods of time.  I believe everyone finds their own way of balance in their life and change can be difficult. I just feel it’s up to you to support and move the world you see fit. What we see, we tend to follow.

I love etymology, The roots of love are to “leave” and this week I pledge to start taking steps to l̶o̶v̶e̶ leave RBC, part of me feels it actually isn’t easy, because of my roots, habits, attachments, credit card points and credit history with them and all the time its gonna take me to start and close an account and all my excuses. Technically RBC has been ingrained into my life as far as I can remember, My parents banked with them when I was a child. I do not blame anyone or hold shame towards supporting RBC. RBC has some has some lovely staff but I want to shift my efforts so the organizations I support are more align with my values. From one mindset they hold power, but on the other it’s we who is letting them. It’s all about steps, and I pledge to start taking those steps today with this post as they move closer towards their EXPIRE(ation) date.

“The only thing that is permanent is impermanence”  -Deepak Chopra

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” -William Shakespeare

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