Rubenovitch Furnishings & Co. is proud to be participating in BassCoast Music festival this year and will be producing works that bring awareness to resiliency which showcases beautiful elements that have endured suffering.


“Our experience as matter on this planet exists where where light & dark intersect. Matter (Materia: timber, substance) originates from mater or mother. The furniture art creates a comfortable space that will reveal a brighter side of suffering from our material’s endurance. Reborn, burnt wood represents the cycle of life. Fire, from the anima: life, breath, means to animate, to give breath to, enliven. SUSTAIN>SUFFER>BEAR>CARRY>RE/BIRTH Many works contain spalted Maple. Spalting forms beautiful artisan traits in the wood that are yielded by environmental stress. Additional works feature an Altar & Eclipse(s). Altar literally means ‘high’, a devotion. Eclipse is abandonment, *to leave, forsaking. We welcome you to a space that enlivens conversation about a perspective on suffering.”

Rubenovitch Furnishings Co. produces artistic furniture that emits a state of reverie. We produce works that bring character and dialogue to spaces with consideration and respect to the environment. The works meld beautiful woods and materials that aims to reveal meaning in the matter. The furniture shares stories that relate to our lives. The Co. in Rubenovitch Furnishings and Co. does not stand for company but stands for collaboration, community and connections. Our works aim to serve functional purpose but also present intent.

The Bass Coast website is now online and packed with programming, take a peak for all the creatives, fuel your mind with brain workshops, motivate your body, and assimilate your senses.

Check out the website for the full bio on the installation and info on all the other animated artists.






*Love shares a very similiar etymology as eclipse, Eclipse comes from PIE root *leikw- “to leave” where eclipse comes from PIE root *leubh- “to care, desire, love” which yields “leave”

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