Awhile back I came across an opportunity to put together a pitch for Storyhive’s Immersive project. I reached out to some friends (who also have a desire to be free and who love words) to get some support and share a concept I been developing and one thing lead to another and I crunched out a pitch called Natura.

See Telus’s Storyhive Natura page for the full lowdown. * Additional videos, captions on the team, promo plan, interview roster, design, audience, etc..


We may have not been approved for the budget/project but it’s in the process that we can compact (tendere), and continue.

On another Storyhive note, it has been a pleasure being a part of The Radicals Film, on one side I would have liked to been more involved than originally planned but feel it was best for me to focus on my path (*Feeling).


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