Dark Space matter

Vera Rubin‘s life lead us to the findings of dark matter and how they accelerate our sky’s galaxy rotation rates. Isn’t there new research and ancient philosophies about how we humans are stardust? If Vera and all the ongoing research is proving true, could we not be a vessel to move faster? Can resiliency aid us be salient? Was she a vessel that lead us forward in time?

Just the other week I tended my mind while toiling away on TED’s Audaciousness pitch. I did not end up submitting to Ted’s Audaciousness project that funds multiple $25 -$100 million projects totalling over $400 million dollars. I am grateful for the experience and how I stretched over the application experience which yielded ideas and expanded the capacity of my efforts to create under pressure.

*I been entrenched recently around the concept of a brighter side of darkness and suffering. I just submitted a Ted talk proposal to TED x SFU which aims look at our personal challenges in life from an alternative perspective to support grit.

Vera Florence may have not got the nobel prize but her actions continue to blossom and act as an inspiration.

Thank you, Todah rabah = (Gratefulness, Warmest Thanks)Vera.

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