Lenny is a multidisciplinary, multilayered artist, wordsmith and visionary based out of Squamish BC. He utilizes the medium of wood, words, and wisdom to express his creative vision to the world. He is the founder of Rubenovitch Furnishing & Co, a dedicated supPort worker, a unique storyteller, and committed to sharing the values that he believes in. 

Lenny believes that the shit we face in our lives is fertile ground for growth, and engages in creating connections daily between people, heritage, culture and gifting it back to the world in a humble offering of his unique and personal perspective.


Please take any words or imagery on my website as my opinon I try and take on life. Please note from my perspective I am Zelling. Its chilling, but in a Zen state in this challenging world we live in.  ZELL: Balance with Zen, Living in Hell.



-Eric Andersen, DIRECTOR, Sea to Sky Forestry Centre Society“Lenny Rubenovitch strives to identify and communicate essential relationships between humanity and trees, forests and wood. Through exploring not only natural history but the language, aesthetics and cultural history of our relationships with trees and wood. Lenny has acquired unique knowledge which he communicates through innovative and absorbing storytelling.”

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