TED x SFU Pitch

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Earlier this month I went to Radius SFU to pitch a TED talk to Ted x SFU about the strength of resiliency. Their program was focused on Unchartered. My pitch is supported by weaving the roots of etymology, and trees, to share a different side of suffering that reinforces resiliency. Listen to the 90 second pitch: Below are a …

Dark Space matter

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Vera Rubin‘s life lead us to the findings of dark matter and how they accelerate our sky’s galaxy rotation rates. Isn’t there new research and ancient philosophies about how we humans are stardust? If Vera and all the ongoing research is proving true, could we not be a vessel to move faster? Can resiliency aid us be salient? Was she …


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Awhile back I came across an opportunity to put together a pitch for Storyhive’s Immersive project. I reached out to some friends (who also have a desire to be free and who love words) to get some support and share a concept I been developing and one thing lead to another and I crunched out a pitch called Natura. See Telus’s …