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NAL TARANG by “Baba” Ustad Alauddin Khan. I love how humans interpret matter and are capable of looking at objects from a different perspective. Individuals who listen are some of the best learners. “ #Baba ” had this amazing ability to play and create so many various instruments and his love for music was apparent. Legend has it he was out with …



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Are you Human? Are you a humanitarian? I wonder about definitions of words and how in today’s world we are confined in society. Many people today don’t think they are “humanitarians” and heck I guess it’s likely true that a significant amount of the population act like they are not human ( 4th definition: sympathetic; humane) but think a large % of …



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Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire to rove or travel. I commuted into Whistler from Squamish but was feeling pretty relaxed and part of me just wanted to chill out and frolic in the vibe instead of racing around for knowledge and answers. Over the festival I soaked up most my time at the Conference centre where I met …


Blessed Coast

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I had the pleasure of attending Blessed Coast a few weeks back. It was a bit of a last minute decision. Im grateful for the opportunity to share a space with a large group of open minded individuals and absorb a fair amount of knowledge and people’s opinions and have a blast while doing so. I feel Blessed is a truly …



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A Rainbow is defined by many things, I like to look at things from a different perspective. My Rainbow Hike experience refers to my perspective which supports all definitions of the rainbow on *Primarly #5  & #7.* I dont want to assume but feel there should be rainbow trout at Rainbow Lake eh? A few days ago I woke up …