Meeting with Whistler Blackcomb about the Big Picture & their partnership with Nestle

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~9 min read   I didn’t get much response from my “Big Picture?” post when I tagged Whistler Blackcomb so I followed up and forwarded my article to the Manager of Strategic Alliances who forwarded it to the Communication Supervisor who sent me an email about sitting down to discuss my concerns. We caught up earlier this week and it was refreshing …


The Big Picture?

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~5 min read I’ve been meaning to share my two cents about Whistler Blackcomb’s “The Big Picture” video series for some time and guess with World Water Day Im glad I found the nudge I was looking for to share my thoughts. I would like to share an appreciation for Whistler Blackcomb’s initiative and a great job from Switchback Entertainment but hope …



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Via Aeon : How a millionaire traded his wealth for happiness – and a shoeshine box ‘Everybody wants to be somebody. But remember: be somebody that’s nice.’   Great work from Loading Docs!   Creed: a set of beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions.   Like P Diddy and Biggy say: Mo Mo Problems.  


Good Bday Einstein!

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Good Birthday Einstein! My favourite Einstein quote is: “I wish people would stop quoting me and think for themselves.” Born in 1879, passed in 1955. 138 years ago. I highly agree with him and feel there is a big issue in society how we follow instead of looking within to harness our capabilities. Can you imagine a world where people’s focus of …