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I travelled to Indonesia a few years ago and hiked up Mt Rinjani. It was a 3 day hike and was truely one of the best experiences of my life. I learnt a lot about the culture of the people and continue to think about my trip. I hooked up with a group, a guide and some porters to aid facilitate the 3 day trek. For more media on my trip you can check out my website @ I’d like to elaborate on this experience in a longer version but sure this post will quickly add up.  I will try and cut to the chase while giving you a perspective that is not always considered so we can better understand whats happening with plastic pollution in Indonesia. We had such a great trip, we laughed, shared, connected, inspired each other , ate, consumed, learnt about each other’s way of life and shot away and burnt plastic unfortunately.

Did you know that the locals make camp fires using plastic? It’s easier than working with wet wood, ignites faster, & actually burns better opposed to using wet wood and is much more accessible. There is not much dry wood in that area based on its climate. Tragically I feel it seems to make some sense based on the situation. We had the porters carry our groups gear such as tents, food, water bottles and even a chicken. (The Nasi Goreng was so good!) I wasn’t feeling the chicken on the third day but felt how much the porters and guide really appreciated it and was glad they were able to enjoy it. We were a diverse group, grandparents , single mom, an x pac and myself along with 4 porters and a guide. Most the porters were very young but one was a bit older. Some of the hikers in the group took our own reusable water bottles but we continually refilled them from the water bottles that the porters were carrying. They took a dozen or so 1 litre bottles and many smaller ones. We drank almost all of them and shot the trash away on the beautiful land or burnt it.
We made numerous camp fires with a combination of plastic and wood to cook our food and shelter us with warmth with a camp fire. Tupperwares burnt well. I don’t think the plastic bottles were as functional for the purpose of the fire. With the use of fire we were able to make tea, warm ourselves, and get a suitable fire for the porters to cook us food. The porters and guide took such great care of our group, respected us, worked their asses off and shared such positive energy. They considered our safety and made alternative plans for us to keep us safe. We paid around $250 CAN for the 3 day trip trek (food, water, guide and porters wages, and it even included accommodation for 2 nights at some hotels before the hike, transport around the island to my hotel, {tours to various local areas around Lombok where I learnt more about their way of life}then pickup to the hike and transport to Gilli ferry terminal and to ferry to Gilli T…) all for only $250.

I can’t imagine our actions were any good for the environment but we all were doing what is natural and working within our system. Playing our cards for what we been dealt. Enjoying life as much as we can, and that we did and truely enjoying it. I feel we can do better, but it’s not always so easy.

Would I love to do this trip again? Yes, but how could I do it differently? I did the hike around December when the rainy season picks up and is somewhat more dangerous of a hike due to rockfall and dangerous conditions. Even though it was not the ideal time the guides and porters are usually keen to provide their services as they are eager to make a little $ to support themselves and or their loved ones.

There are water wells throughout the hike, I’m uncertain of the quality of the water in the wells. The group drank water from the water bottles that the porters carried in for us, but think the porters and guide did not have a problem drinking the water from the well near the hot spring. Do you think we will contaminate that well over time?

The porters and guides have an annual clean up day or something along those lines. I think it’s at the end of the hiking season. We spoke a little about how their community bands together. I think the community, volunteers, some guides and the porters that want to clean up the land take the initiative and see to clean up tourists plastic junk that many people like myself create without really realizing the effects of our actions.

Indonesia is such a beautiful place with such amazing people. My experience hiking Mt Rinjani was such an amazing one, words cannot express its beauty and how it touched me. We are all living in the challenges of dealing with our own life’s.

I enjoyed the hike so much but while doing so I continued to contribute to the plastic problem. I am sharing a piece of my story to aid bring awareness to the plastic issues in our world. I hope that over time we can better understand each other’s perspective and continue to inspire and appreciate each other, the planet and work together to find more suitable solutions for us all.
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