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On my way back to Vancouver today I was provided with some plastic cups from Air Canada. Like I mentioned earlier as a part of the #coralproject and #noplace4plastic contest I am participating in, I said I would be asking businesses about their plastic materials they provide to their customers over the course of the contest. So over the day I spoke to various flight attendants and service directors on both planes I took and customer service managers in #Calgary and #Vancouver airports. For the most part no one from #aircanada knew what the numbers meant or much about how or where the plastic is being recycled. So I shared information online about the type of plastic #aircanada is using. #6 “Polystyrene is known to leach styrene, which can damage your nervous system and is linked to cancer, into your food. Temperature has been found to play a role in how much styrene leaches from polystyrene containers, which means using them for hot foods and beverages (such as hot coffee in a polystyrene cup) may be worst of all. Evidence is increasingly suggesting that this type of plastic leaches potentially toxic chemicals, especially when heated. I suggest avoiding the use of #6 plastic as much as possible. It is difficult to recycle and most recycling programs won’t accept it”. (Via &

Heck I only researched this myself about a week ago and ain’t no plastic specialist but am changing and feel it is important for us to ask questions that are important to our health and future. I was very glad to have such positive feedback from the people I spoke to at Air Canada as we read literature and shared information and thoughts on the effects of the type of plastics Air Canada and likely so many of us all use. How many cups do you think are used on each Air Canada plane? Obviously it depends on the plane, but heck I even used two on one flight and made a significant effort to reduce my consumption. They cups break easily and communicating in life isn’t always easy. How many planes in each day, over a month, Canada, overseas, a year, a decade. How is the plastics being processed? Are they? In what areas? Have they evaluated or considered any biodegrade options? What is Air Canada’s main priorities? Have they been evaluating the consumption and efforts and time and money they put into processing the plastic and its effects on the environment? Maybe if we worked together we could come up with a healthier and cost effective solution that not only could help our environment but also save them money. I’ll spare you those details at least for now. I will continue to draft up a more elaborate email and message to Air Canada. I followed up with their customer call centre on my concerns and got an email address to send them an email and look forward to discussing with them and the world how we may be able to find a better solution for themselves for the health and future of the next generations and our planet.

When discussing the plastic concerns with various Air Canada representatives I spoke with Zoia, (a service director on my first flight about the future of our children. Lately when traveling I have enjoyed connecting and am learning from the names of the different people I connect with, I am learning words in different languages through the people I meet. So I asked her what her name meant. And she said it meant “new life” in Greek. Just like we were discussing, the future. The new lives and the importance of considering our actions so the next generation will have a healthy and beautiful place to live in.

I also met Amin in Calgary (Service Director). We discussed his interpretation and meaning of his name in Arabic:Trust. I felt I could trust him and had his support in challenging and communicating with Air Canada about our plastic issues. Thank you to the Air Canada crew and Amin for their patience as we took every second we could to discuss the matter as Amin escorted me through the gates and onto to the plane.

I hope to have and earn Air Canada’s corporate headquarters trust. On my 2nd flight I spoke with Patrizia (means noble one in italian), we shared views on ancient society (and the meaning of her name after we spoke lots of details about our worlds plastic problem) and how there were different types of classes, high social classes. Like the rich and the poor. Kind of how there are in different classes in todays society, sometimes life aint always fair. In the old times problems were resolved in war and also mediation, I hope to work with Air Canada in a positive way to see what creative and collaborative solutions could be explored as I dont feel their actions are logical or are making the best considerations at the time. Once I arrived in Vancouver I felt I may as well continue to speak up for what I believe in even though the feedback I was getting was that It needs to go to headquarters. Some flight attendants and different workers I spoke to over the day expressed that there has been people who have spoke up and voiced their opinions about the plastic and suggested trying using a more biodegradable option. I feel it can be difficult to confront and execute this type of change but believe with patience, time and collaborative efforts we can. I am not upset with Air Canada employees, we are put into this system and accumulate momentum in a direction we are trained to work towards. I think the financial and corporate headquarters department goals are trained and lead to create profits. Do they have a green or recycling department (is it subcontracted?) and they are likely doing their job very well. Do they have a research division?Are the departments working together or who is to say an outside organization should not be able to collaborate and work towards a better solution. I try not to assume in life. I took my time and caught up with Gord, another service manager in Vancouver to plant another seed and see to work together to leverage more movement in a positive direction. Gord,thanks for your time on this issue. I look forward to including you on the discussion and asking Air Canada questions about your guys logic behind Air Canada actions, and proposing and persuading Air Canada to come up with a more logical solution or work towards one as I feel if we work towards one together we can find one in time.

It may be a bit of hard work but know in the long run it will be worth it. Through my brief research and analyzation I dont think the plastic they are using is a good plastic, I dont think it recycles easily, I dont think that Air Canada is recycling the plastic cups in all provinces or countries they fly in. I heard something about Toronto and how they dont even have a facility there. I suppose they are working with Gate Gourmet, a recycling company that works with many airlines. I was thinking and speaking with someone else over my travels, you seen those plastic spoons made of organic materials that are edible? What if the airlines companies were able to work together to all invest and make a plastic cup that would be biodegradable or even edible? Does Air Canada or these recycling companies have to spend a lot of money processing these plastics? What are the effects of our environment on the processing of these plastics?

I feel and believe each conversation, person and this story holds significant meaning and importance and hope that through our efforts we can help ourselves and Air Canada realize our actions or lack of action and work towards comity. Reaching and discussing potential solutions as I feel there can be a better solution if we work together.The worthwhile things in life are worth putting the time in for and feel over time, if we act now and put in the time we will get there. Everyone is focused on where they want to spend their time in life and that plays an important role in what happens over time. Im currently figuring out where I want to spend my time in life.

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*I worked from my phone and laptop in different airports, on different planes, on the go, on the bus, and at my house to get this post and my previous instagram message out. I actually enjoyed working at the airport after I landed and was in no rush to get back to #Squamish. I relaxed outside on a park bench and had no problems missing a Pacific Coach bus as I was more interested in finding a ride via #hitchplanet and focusing what I believe in. I have chosen my words very selectively, I believe words have different meanings and people interpret and have different definitions and perspectives on each word and meaning. I do not intent this letter to result in any anger or provocative feelings. I do not aim to defame Air Canada or anyone mentioned in this post and express myself in a non objectionable manner with the intent to not offend anyone.

תודה שָׁלוֹם

Toda=Thank you & Sha·lom= used as salutation by Jews at meeting or parting, meaning “peace.”

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