Over the last month or so there has not been much that has got me angry and especially over the last few weeks. I have been extremely grateful for who I am. I question what I should refer to when I meet many people everyday and they ask me how I am doing. I have been working on being impeccable with the words I use in my life to appropriately express my feelings as I want to stay true to myself and others. In weeks past I would juggle my feelings and think about how I feel, and share words such as amazing, spectacular, splendid, superb, special, my amazing mom Evelyne gave me “wonderful” as suggestion. I used wonderful for a few days. I think about expressing myself with harmony, nirvana or if I am in my holy land. Lately when answering this question it has frustrated me and I have started to ask certain friends not to bother asking me or have started to respond by avoiding the question and saying “it’s the hardest question of my life right now”. Until now, I came up with what I feel is an appropriate answer:

I am in a tohobohu of happiness.

Tohobohu is Hebrew word from 1605-1615 defines Tohobohu as:

Chaos; Disorder; confusion.

Tohubohu from the Hebrew tōhū wā-bhōhūa phrase used to describe the world before God said “Let there be light” in the book of Genesis.

*Words have different meanings, there are different definitions for each each word and some have multiple meanings. I believe everyone has the right to have a different perspective on every word.