A look back at 2018, and into 2019

In 2018, I have taken it mellow. Slowed down, in efforts to come into alignment and focus. I am a mellow guy, and hold a dear respect for patience. I will continue to take actions that support me to ripen and bring my projects and goals to maturity. Tending until my fruits are tender and full of flavour. 2019 is a time for me to get into gear.

I didn’t travel much in 2018 but am making plans for trips to rip in 2019.

As much as I would enjoy more momentum on the projects I am aiming to bear. I believe my practice for the roots of passion will blossom in different ways.

As far as roots and making changes, it was an honour to contribute to The Radicals Film and be a part of a project that is aiding communities ask themselves some questions & raising awareness to some manure that a large portion of society doesn’t easily discuss.

“Manure” and what we work through is a key to where we carry ourselves and where we maneuver. I have been motivated to move and have been swinging on diverse grants geared around sharing my woodwork, the stories they hold and creating programming that hopes to make us re-consider how we look at trauma, stress, passion and the path we walk in life.

Towards the later part of 2018 I have been reaching out to schools to see how I can share philosophies on etymology and passion. Looking at wood and nature as examples that back how through challenges, stress and traumas it is possible to leap forward in life with support.

Looking into 2019, Im grateful to see opportunities and have organizations supporting my works and aiding me birth these experiences for our communities.

This year at Mens Kundalini camp, in response to asking Guru Singh and Tommy Rosen about writing a book, Guru Singh asked me to pledge to commit to writing a book by next years camp. I bargained down to having the draft and pledged to ~75 other men I would have a draft for next year.

Over the year I have been exploring & applying to diverse support programs. There has been a few from TED, one where I pitched and presented to speak about what unchartered means to me at Ted x SFU. I dove into the Ted’s Audacious project under a strained timeline which melted my mind. I ended up opting to not submit in the end after putting countless hours into the pitch. Jim Rohn. says: ““The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become.” From someone’s perspective it may have felt like a loss. On the other side the deadline pressured me to get my ideas together, revealed new theories that support my works and pushed me to assemble it together to a new caliber. The 2019 TED Fellowship results are not out yet, I practice not expecting anything but am open for opportunities.

Anyone know of interesting art residencies, programs or grants that could be morphed around art, storytelling, passion, resiliency or mental health?

I have been seeking more stable employment with the intention of not putting too much pressure on my (he)art. 2018 included more job applications than I can remember. Working for others is a little foreign territory but I am optimistic for new opportunities within my alignment.

My woodshop isn’t finished yet. It’s a challenging space to work in, my space supports me to be innovative and patient with my projects as the environment will continually evolve and progress.

The bathroom reno is great to have updated in the house and was long due. My house continues to have challenges and it will push me to stay on top of them and working hard so I can afford a new roof and other upgrades in the future.

I have participated in a variety of personal development & training courses in groups and online and will continue to do so with the intention of partaking in some longer ones. I continue to ask myself about returning to school for university accreditation and will see how my priorities stand cause it’s never too late.

Much gratitude to :

#4 The world and for it’s challenges.
#3 Friends and our community.

#2 So much Respect for my Family. My right hand man Buzz + to my friends that are like blood that support me.

#1 Me, for all my eccentric ideas that bring me joy to orbit out of center from todays standards to stand in my truth.

Tree’s trundle to revolve.

Trees Trundle to Revolve

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