An anatomical glimpse into Suffering

“Tree’s” have strong roots and is a word that has a long story.
This Tree is Vulnerable but still stands magically and looks like it is defying gravity and levitating.
Vulnere is: wound in Latin.

Vulnerable, but strong enough to support itself in a magical wayHave you seen the Power of Vulnerability or The Power of Suffering TED Talks. The acronym for TED may be Technology, Education and Design, but its etymology is “spread manure. “Manure” comes from maneuver which cultivates by manual labour. “Pain will change you more profoundly than success or good fortune. Suffering changes your perception on life.”
-David Crosby

Could we expand our perspective around what suffering is?
The path we walk in life determines how we grow. How you feel and your attitude determines what you sow.
The word “Path” roots in Greek reFer to feeling and disease. “Feel” is to react with sym·pathy or com·passion. Linguistically dis·ease is a lack of ease. “Dis” is prefix for away. “Sym” and “Com” prefixes mean together. And pathy and passion come from “pati” which means to suffer and endure.

But what is suf·Fer·ing? Could we see suffering more for its ability to carry and bear a new experience that could build strength?
Suf is prefix which means “under” or “from below”. Fer in Latin means to carry, to produce, and in French means iron. Consider fertile, bearing, birth, auriferous and a ferry. Words that come from PIE root *bher meaning “to carry” & “to bear (children)”. *Ferry technically doesn’t stem from root *bher but is from root *per: to lead, pass over.

The language I use may make me sound harsh and hard to grasp. With supPort, it is possible to forbear, en-dure and persiST with strength to STAnd. Everyone’s ability to tolerate adversity is different.

The name “Dick” actually comes from Richard which is to be bRave. Ric(h) is to be powerful and hardy. Similar to my name’s origin. Do I sound reLentless, sounds ChaLenging?
Languages roots and a thesaurus are a way to aid see the another side. The root of “Thesaurus” is actually: treasure. If we can dig past dArk, work with patience it is possible to find treasures that open doors (supPortes).

Times of hardships are challenging to deal with, but they would not exist without joy and love. “Passover and Easter” are stories about adversity, slavery and liberation that spring new life.
Passover in hebrew= “pesach,” which means to pass or spring over.
Pass: to spread.
& what is spread grows.
What is strenuous and challenging also has the potential to yield resilient strength and characters.
The month “April” roots refer to Easter, and “Avril” in Latin is aperire which is “to open”. Wounds have an ability to create opPortUnities. “Opportunity” evolved from opportune (old french), = obportus (Latin). Where “Ob” is in the direction of and “portus” is a harbor.
eVents of hardships are forces of nature, like winds (vent in french) that can blow us down but may reVeal great power.
“may”, the word, from PIE root *magh- “to be able, have power.”
The month “May” is from root *meg- = “great” (from Latin =magnus) can yield magnificent magic.
Likely from the same root is magic: magike, “art of influencing or predicting events and producing marvels using hidden natural forces,” also “supernatural art,” “especially the art of controlling the actions of spiritual or superhuman beings”.
In Jewish tradition and growing up Passover was one of the holidays my family would see to respect as an opportunity to reflect. Re·flect, “Re” prefix is back to and “flect” is to bend, “become curved or crooked”, “turn from the straight line”. When we bend we bind, bond and grow in a dif·Ferent direction.
With Re·St, time & ef·Fort may the sorrows around easter eventually pass and carry us to a path that can support us to the MAXimum. Max is also from root: *meg- “great.”

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